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Life in the Age of Social Media and Smartphones with Daniel Miller and Georgiana Murariu

Nov. 11, 2020

Do you have a sense of how much time you spend each day on social media and smartphone? Whether you…


Getting Down to Business and Making a Career with Anthropology: Guest Podcast w Adam Gamwell on Anthro Perspectives

Oct. 23, 2020

This Anthro Life is based on lifting up the voices and value of anthropologists and human scientist…


Death Work: The Life and Culture of Forensics with Lilly White

Sept. 30, 2020

When most people think of forensics or forensic anthropology the first thing that comes to mind are…


How to Study Meaning at Scale: AI and Big Data Ethnography, Microcultures and the Future of Innovation w/ Ujwal Arkalgud

Aug. 18, 2020

Artificial Intelligence. Natural Language Processing. Machine Learning. Big Data. If you've studied…

Cyberpsychology: How Life Online Shapes our Minds and What We Can Do About It w Julie Ancis

July 17, 2020

It's no surprise that many of us find ourselves increasingly on mobile devices or the internet. We …

A Neuroscientist and Marketer walk into a bar: Neuromarketing and the hidden ways marketing reshapes our brains with Matt Johnson and Prince Ghuman

June 28, 2020

Ever wonder why certain new ideas stick while others don’t? We often hear a lot about innovation wh…

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Dr. Adam Gamwell

host, executive producer

Adam has been hosting and executive producing This Anthro Life from the beginning (way back in 2013). Curious about all things human, he’s a Design Anthropologist, media producer and director, a consumer researcher, science communicator, and a college-level educator. He co-founded Missing Link Studios, a podcast production and media research collaborative, where This Anthro Life is made.