Designing the Future of Global, Remote Work with Fredrik Thomassen


Show Notes

Building a New Labor Market for Global Design Talent with Fredrik Thomassen

More and more businesses are switching to remote work amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But one startup was ahead of the curve, having been 100% remote since its inception in 2016.

That startup is Superside, a fully distributed design operations platform that seeks to support a global remote workforce. By introducing a remote work policy, Superside gives designers around the world better income opportunities, regardless of their gender, race, or location.

In this episode, host Adam Gamwell speaks with Superside CEO and Founder Fredrik Thomassen about remote work and how the pandemic accelerated its adoption worldwide, the promise and challenge of fully online organizations, the inclusion of minorities in the workforce as a global business imperative, and more.

Show Highlights:

[04:10] How Fredrik Thomassen started Superside
[07:37] On the power of remote work and the opportunities it opens up
[14:23] How remote work can improve workforce diversity
[20:07] Issues with traditional hiring practices
[24:50] On the importance of taking candidates’ values into account in the hiring process
[29:19] How Superside keeps its employees happy and fulfilled
[35:44] Why management is not as complicated as it is made out to be
[37:55] Why Superside as an organization values truth-seeking
[45:54] Closing statements

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