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This podcast is awesome! There are so many insightful lessons from different experts, all led by Adam Gamwell's entertaining interviewing approach. You'll fall in love with this Anthro Life right away!

Digestible anthro ♥️

Although I’m an anthropologist myself, I do enjoy it when people make ethnography accessible. I’m really enjoying this series. It’s satisfying my desire for meaty podcast content without being too heady or placing too much demand on my concentration. Perfect for long drives to and from work! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Fantastic Podcast!

I get excited every time I see there’s a new episode. Interviews are engaging and conversational in ways that no other anthro podcast is. As an anthro undergrad who is trying to figure out my future, this podcast has helped give me a language for talking about my interests. I got my current internship at a major tech company because I learned how to talk about my anthro major (in part through listening this podcast) in applied contexts. I’m really fascinated by issues around the future and meaning of work—which is why I loved the recent ‘The Ghost in the Machine’ in episode. Also definitely recommend this podcast for anyone with a curious mind!

Engaging and insightful

I love this podcast. It helps keep me engaged with Anthropology in a way that is consumable, insightful, and illuminating. I love starting my day listening in as I learn more about the world around me through an anthropological lens. My favorite part is the high level overviews of books and research that helps me feel that I am still engaged with anthropology. I can’t recommend this podcast enough!

Required listening for anthro students

Fantastic dialogue across all topics and substances. Learned more from this podcast than I did during my B.A. years. Makes me want to return to academia for a Masters in Anthropology.


This podcast is awesome.

Fantastic Show!!!

Great podcast and very informative! I love learning and being entertained, Keep it up!

Thank You!!

Best Podcast Ever......Amazing episode on This Anthro Life! Thank you to the Gamwell!!!

Favorite podcast!

Very Interesting, so I have listened to every episode of this podcast and love it!

Great podcast

So interesting!!

Good listening

I’ve been working night shift for two years, podcasts like this open my mind and keep me occupied during the dark cold nights. Very good material and some good guests. Host does a great job analyzing every show, making it easier for the every day listener to understand. Cheers and enjoy !

Great podcast

I just came upon this podcast. I really enjoy the subject matter as well as the interview questions.

I Love this Podcast

This podcast is new to me and I can not stop listening!!!!!!!

Very Informative and Engaging

Great podcast! I love the episode on climate finance. It was very accessible and is food for thought! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and research with the public. Two thumbs up!

Keep it coming!

I'm an anthropologist myself and it's hard to keep up to date with the debates since I'm not in academia. This show is a good way to do just that. Additionally, it matches insightful and sometimes theoretical conversations with contemporary topics in a way that is a breeze to listen to.

For anthros and non-athros alike!

Anthropology and podcasts - two of my favorite things! Super helpful to have a media for the masses that talks about such important things. Highly recommended for anthropologists and non-anthropologists alike!


Great podcast! Obviously the hosts know what they're talking about and so do the guests. Personally, I've never been too into anthropology, but this show makes me reconsider. Wonderful job!

Non Anthropologists

Anthropology in general and this podcast in particular broadens my perspective and understanding of how others are approaching an issue.

A very good podcast!

So interesting to hear about the wide range of work. Presented in a way that is accessible. Given the troubled times we find ourselves in, this kind of analysis (in-depth, thoughtful and carefully explained) is worthwhile!

Wonderful podcast!

I've learned a lot from listening, and have also recommended this to my students and colleagues. Great introduction to anthropology and its daily applications!

Very impressed

I'm very impressed with the range of topics and the thoughtful discussion. I'd highly recommend this podcast.

I’m really enjoying this podcast

The content and interviews are interesting. Looking forward to more.