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Culture Business

Transforming Market Research with Qualitative Consciousness in post-liberalization India w/ Dr. Meena Kaushik and Madhuri Karak

July 16, 2021

Dr. Meena Kaushik takes us through her story from the revolutionary idea in the late 1970s of apply…

From Art School to Industry: Passion, Ethics, and Business Impact with Phil Surles

June 16, 2021

Phil Surles is a cultural anthropologist and consultant who focuses on branding. He works with comp…

So tell me about yourself: Storytelling and the Science of Love with Helen Fisher

June 4, 2021

If Dr. Hellen Fisher isn’t a household name in your house (yet), her work certainly is. Helen is a …


Dead People Tell Tales: Segregated Cemeteries in Richmond Virginia w Dr. Ryan Smith

May 14, 2021

TAL Correspondent Sara Schmieder brings us an all new interview about the power of cemetery restora…

Culture A Better World

The surprising truths wild horses teach us about the power of ritual, social durability, and surviving the Anthropocene with John Hartigan Jr.

May 5, 2021

In today’s episode Adam and Astrid Countee are joined by multispecies anthropologist John Hartigan …

Technology Business

The Ghost in the Machine is Not Who You Think: Human Labor and the Paradox of Automation with Mary L Gray

April 8, 2021

BOOK GIVEAWAY!! Leave a Review of This Anthro Life for a chance to win a copy of Ghost Work ! Leave…

Guest: Mary L. Gray

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Dr. Adam Gamwell

host, executive producer

Adam has been hosting and executive producing This Anthro Life from the beginning (way back in 2013). Curious about all things human, he’s a Design Anthropologist, media producer and director, a consumer researcher, science communicator, and a college-level educator. He co-founded Missing Link Studios, a podcast production and media research collaborative, where This Anthro Life is made.