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Fredrik Thomassen

CEO and Founder at Superside

The internet made talent about merit, not proximity to the office, and Fredrik Thomassen is out to prove it by creating 1 million jobs that are equal opportunity, remote, flexible and, most importantly, happy. As the Founder and CEO of Superside, the technology-enabled design company that’s revolutionizing design at scale for ambitious brands like Amazon, Meta, Shopify and Coinbase, he’s well on his way with 300% year-over-year growth, 650 team members across 70 countries and a valuation of $400+ million.

Dec. 8, 2022

Designing the Future of Global, Remote Work with Fredrik Thomassen

More and more businesses are switching to remote work amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But one startup was ahead of the curve, having been 100% remote since its inception in 2016. That startup is Superside, a fully distributed design operations platform …

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