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Trained as a four-field anthropologist Dr. Lora Koycheva (PhD, Northwestern University, USA) works at the intersection of anthropology, innovation, and cyber-physical systems – and especially hardware robotics. The core vision of her anthropological practice is rebuilding the human condition for the existential challenges laying ahead and establishing anthropology as a counter-balancing paradigm in entrepreneurship and innovation; robotics and engineering; and continuous education. She has been laying the foundation of a global initiative whose mission is to prepare society to live with, and eventually as, robots. Lora has research and pedagogic experience from the US, UK, and Germany, where she was most recently a Senior Research Fellow at the Technical University of Munich and a visiting researcher at the Rachel Carson Center for Environmental Studies. She is a co-convenor of the EASA Applied Anthropology Network, and is currently working on no less than three book manuscripts.

Embodied Robotics and the Future of Humanity with Lora Koycheva
April 19, 2023

Embodied Robotics and the Future of Humanity with Lora Koycheva

When we think of robots, we tend to think of things like R2-D2, the Terminator skeleton, or a piece of machinery that automates the construction of goods in an assembly line. But that’s not all there is to robots — …

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