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Nethra Samarawickrema is an anthropologist, coach, and
writer based in Sausalito, California. Her work is grounded in
a unique method that combines Nonviolent Communication
(NVC), ethnography, and design thinking. She has a PhD in
anthropology from Stanford University and has been
practicing Nonviolent Communication for 22 years. She has
taught at the Stanford d.School, alongside her collaborator
Yuri Zaitsev. Together, they run the Listening Lab where they
host workshops on unblocking writing, collaboration, and
difficult conversations.

Through her coaching practice, Listen Up, she brings the transformative capacity of empathy to help people discover their needs. She provides a space where people can express all their complex and contradictory feelings and access what they most want
to bring into their lives but have been blocked from realizing. She has found that when her clients access what matters most to them, dramatic transformations happen in their lives.

On Being Heard and Learning to Listen with Nethra Samarawickrema
March 23, 2022

On Being Heard and Learning to Listen with Nethra Samarawickrema

When we think about social science and social scientists working out in the world, we tend to jump to the science part, you know jobs that focus on research - consumer research, user experience research, or qualitative studies for non-profits. …

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