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Eric Olson

Eric is a talented data science professional with a Master’s in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University. Before Consensus, Eric worked at the sports entertainment company DraftKings, where he was an Analytics Specialist building predictive machine learning models to understand the user base better.

Eric came up with the idea for Consensus after spending years as a die-hard amateur science consumer and wanting access to better evidence-based information at the click of a button.

Eric formerly was a three-year starter for the Northwestern University Football team, is an avid skier, loves the outdoors, and hopes to convince NFL coaches someday never to punt again.

Nov. 3, 2022

How Tech can Democratize Scientific Knowledge with Eric Olson

The vast majority of published scientific literature and new research is hidden behind paywalls. Worse, what few accessible papers available online are oftentimes written in jargon, i.e., specialist language that can alienate non-expert readers. natural language processing-based startups are working …

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