How to Keep Brands Human in the 21st Century - with Matt Johnson


Consumers today find brands through many online sources, including search engines and social media. And with the rise of hyper-personalized ads, consumers are constantly being bombarded with brands that seem to speak to their needs and interests.

Given such a landscape, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that brands need to move beyond business fundamentals and into the fundamentals that we share as human beings if they wish to stand out. That is to say, brands need to shape not only what consumers buy, but also how they feel about and relate to brands themselves.

In today’s episode of This Anthro Life, host speaks with, author of “Branding That Means Business,” about the whys and hows of consumer-brand relationships, brand strategy and identity, the role brands play in our lives, and more.

Show Highlights:

- [03:08] The fundamental principles of branding
- [05:48] On the functional value of brands
- [09:18] How brands can shape consumers’ perceptions of reality
- [15:06] The ways brands can be smart about being global
- [21:51] Why brand strategy should be specific and consistent
- [25:01] On brand polysemy
- [28:30] On the difference between corporate social responsibility and activism
- [34:15] Closing statements

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