May 6, 2020

Beyond the Prototype: Navigating that Fuzzy Area between Ideas and Outcomes with Douglas Ferguson

Beyond the Prototype: Navigating that Fuzzy Area between Ideas and Outcomes with Douglas Ferguson

Today we talk with Voltage Control president Douglas Ferguson and we're taking you beyond the prototype. If you ever run a design sprint, or even if you simply sat down at your desk to think through a really cool idea for a product or a new podcast or how do we improve something in your neighborhood. You started the design process. The question is, how do you go from a good idea to putting something out into the world? Douglas helps us find out. 

"You gotta slow down to go fast" - Douglas Ferguson

Voltage Control president, design thinking facilitator and innovation coach Douglas Ferguson recently published a book called Beyond the Prototype that aims to help teams and organizations (and individuals!) go from generating awesome ideas to implementing them. Over the course of our conversation we cover:

  • the power of systems thinking
  • seeing variables in the design ecosystem
  • facilitation as model through systems thinking
  • The connections between organizations and society.
  • HR departments using design thinking to point the lens inward
  • Caution that when we compress ideas there is opportunity to meaning to be lost
  • Why facilitation is such a crucial role
    • for example, realizing if you’re using one word to mean two things, or two words to mean the same thing - skilled facilitating brings these discrepancies and differences in meaning into focus for teams to help them overcome roadblocks in understanding
  • Why so many start up founders get stuck on the idea of scale rather versus pursuing a smaller, but passion-driven idea
  • How design facilitation sessions are about harnessing the power of the child’s mind - playful energy
  • and debriefing as a crucial stage in any process: can you answer the question of why did we did this?

Links and Resources mentioned in today's episode

Beyond the Prototype book

Jake Knapp - Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days

Greg Satell - Cascades: How to Create a Movement that Drives Transformational Change

David Epstein - Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

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