Sept. 17, 2021

Don't Sell Yourself Short: How to Create a Career Plan

Don't Sell Yourself Short: How to Create a Career Plan

A job search strategy is essential, but what if you don’t even know what to look for or what you want to do? A career plan is something you can do before job searching to define the kind of work you want to do and how to engage with like minded people, so you’ve got opportunities and pathways to work you’ll find fulfilling and meaningful, regardless of industry.

While some old-school academics might see creating a career plan as selling out, Career Coach and Strategist Amy Santee and Design + Business Anthropologist Adam Gamwell, say you’re selling yourself short if you don’t. In this seminar we’ll share stories from our experiences and walk you through creating your own plan across defining your values, mapping your journey, finding your people and trying your voice.

Whether you’re a student and looking for your first job, a mid career professor or industry insider and curious about what else is out there, a career plan is relevant for anyone.

We’ll dig into defining your values as a starting point, mapping a vision of your future by looking at your past, how to take action on your plan, and learning to trust your intuition as much as the data you gather.

Today's episode is a slice from a workshop series Adam Gamwell put together with Prof Jonathan Anjaria of Brandeis University. 


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Birthed from the beaches of Florida in 1986, I navigate the waters of bullshit well. I get it. I've worked for over a decade in the ever-evolving, problem-solving maze of user experience, technology & business. My life experiences and training in anthropology provide me with deep expertise in the human experience. I know how to listen with awareness, empathy, & kindness.